Online Psychometric Testing Solutions Made Easy

We are a team of professionals combining knowledge of business psychology coupled with online technology, passionately devoted to developing psychometric tests and questionnaires.

We design, develop and deliver software platforms and web-based applications that are easy to be customized in all the necessary ways  in order to create a professional, ready-to-market products, like psychometric tests or 360° feedback questionnaires, aimed at selection, assessment and development of Human Capital.

Psycholate uses a mature software platform that it customizes for a diverse range of tests and questionnaires. This fact drastically reduces time-to-market for our clients and reduces up-front development costs. Our testing technology is specifically designed to be:

  • Low cost – it’s based on open source technology
  • Totally flexible
  • Incredibly user friendly for you and for your test-takers

Our clients should either have their own psychometric tests or wish to develop them with us. Because of our business psychology and psychometric background, we can help you develop and structure a robust and sound in terms of psychometric properties occupational assessment tool.

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