All economical crises are actually the outcome of moral breakdowns that preceded them. The culture of greed is one of the fundamental flaws of our current system. Money and bonds are promises that someone will pay, and when trust is broken, money is just printed paper.

Prof. Roger Steare realised all this and set a very high target: To make the world a somewhat better place. He is bringing humanity, trust, respect and other moral values to the workplace. He wrote many books about it, but the truly powerful interventions can only happen through sincere dialogue. So what does it have to do with psychometrics?

On 2008 Roger approached Pavlos with an adjective list and a theory behind them. Together they went into the steps of item analysis, they made a good personal report and attractive questionnarie screens. The questionnaire was published on the Times Online website and became viral beyond expectations. Within two weeks they served about 20.000 users. Today it has 50K completed questionnaires.

While free for personal use, the questionnaire also has a corporate edition, without the sensitive demographic questions, and with customised reports. Customisation is not something like putting a logo somewhere, it is about the ability to completely reformat and redesign almost everything.

We have been honoured to work with HSBC and BP in building completely custom versions of the MoralDNA questionnaire and reports.

So, what are you waiting? The test is updated and free for personal use:

What is super about this project? Besides the ethos of it, please take the time to notice how well psychometric testing can bind with social media.

Participants can announce to their network: “I am an Angel. See what you are by taking the MoralDNA profile”. Angel is one of the six possible moral types.
Another very interesting experience we had, was the pleasure of working with a large team of top quality professionals for the free public version. We worked with atomic orange design for the website and the report template in Athens. We also worked with 2h Design, the Big Ideas Collective, and Reach Further in the UK.