The main login screen for the my360 application

It may even take two days, between deciding and performing a 360° evaluation. Having served about ten different institutions, with intranet and internet installations in various countries, this is an extremely versatile platform. Simple to adapt to various needs, the 360° platform can handle an immense load of simultaneous users and is very easy to customize in many aspects.

It is suited both for large projects and small ones.

Today, my360° runs in many disguises in English, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Serbian and Albanian installations. It may sound hard to believe, but it typically takes about a working day to do the translation of the whole user interface in a new language and maybe another one to translate the report.

The interface is extremely intuitive and lightweight. The default report is easy to grasp, however, any client can alter it or design their own from scratch if they so wish.

What is super about this project:  One of our first platforms, marked for its extensibility and simplicity of approach. Designed with a lot of intuition, handles painlessly thousands of questionnaires each year.