Danish consultancy Metze Organisational Psychologists have created a very detailed capacity model. They are measuring almost every possible aspect of support and pressure that employees receive. They also measure the outcome: stress reactions. The model is very elaborate and the reports do actually allow the people involved and the management to quickly spot how to improve the lives of their people.

But they go way further. The system generates an immense number of reports, including group, summary and presentation reports, along with the personal ones. We were approached three years ago to create an online version of a legacy application they had. They were more than happy to discover that we could understand the issues, realize the complexity of the request, help them get in control  again of their data and their complicated scoring algorithms.

And of course they also had 360° versions of their tools. No sweat.

When porting all this method in the University framework, attempting to assess the issues students face, they knew they had a capable ally.


What is super about this project: As true Danes, they are completely obsessed with achieving stylistic perfection. Something we were happy to help with.