Dynargie’s Be Say Do

Be Say Doteam

Sustaining a stable collaboration with Dynargie Group since August of 2012, we are partnering in enabling Be-Say-Do Questionnaire online for all Dynargie’s international sites. Be-Say-Do is a tool that helps organizations to build new sustainable realities through people.

What is super about this project?  It actually pops out a simple but crucial question: Does our (department, team, company etc.) “Be”, “Say”, “Do” profile fits our reality? And what about the reality we want to build?

The cross-cultural research that Dynargie has conducted in 6 different countries has shown that different entities like individual leaders, teams, departments or entire companies face reality with a certain Be-Say-Do profile. Be-Say-Do helps these different entities to examine their today’s profile and create new realities by adjusting it, for example, when a strategic plan is being implemented.

For the moment, a 360-degree, a self-only and a team version of the questionnaire is available both in English and in Greek language.

In case you  want to know more about Be-Say-Do Questionnaire, please contact besaydo@dynargie.com.