The Integration Box ™ (TIB) (Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative)

The Integration Box  TIB  Survey

How does “faith at work” manifest itself?  How do you measure or understand it?  How will it impact corporate commitments to ethics, diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and attracting and retaining the best people?

A research project, conducted by David W. Miller, PhD, director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative explored these and related questions, resulting in  the development of a validated assessment tool called The Integration Box (TIB) to measure the individual and institutional manifestations of faith, religion, and spirituality at work.

We partnered with David and his team to help bring the The Integration Box™ (TIB) Survey online  in February  2013 (piloting in the moment), with additional design and usability improvements delivered in April 2013. We have also designed a custom results report which, following the final validation of the research results, will be fully available soon.

Should this be of interest, please contact David Miller at or Jonathan Lea