Our People

Who we are and what we do


Pavlos Stamboulides, licensed psychologist and founder of Psycholate has worked for many years in research psychology. He is proficient in computer programming, statistics, research methodology and questionnaire design. He joined psychometric multinational SHL Greece as R & D Manager for nine years. He then started Psycholate with one goal in mind: To create the best software for psychometric tests.


Kallia Kypriotaki is in the first line of communication with the company’s client base, and holds a multi-functional role. Among her key responsibilities, are project management and coordination as well as continuous, ongoing customer care and support. She is devoted in ensuring we meet all your needs and requirements, when designing your custom psychometric solutions.


Sotiris Moursias, systems engineer. Sotiris has a vast experience in software and hardware engineering in the corporate world. He possesses all the qualities you would expect from a seasoned systems engineer and more. He is the primary support professional and we are happy to have on board a person that knows how a server ticks up to the last electron.


Kostas Maistrellis, the software architect for the new generation of software to come out. Kostas brings important experience with a deep knowledge of the JAVA language, open source projects and is one of the key persons in the open source community of Greece.

Lefteris Delimitrou, software engineer. Lefteris is still at the beginning of his career and very eager to learn and expand his skills into new areas and directions. He loves to explore new things about programming and AI. He also is a big fun of Linux OS and open source philosophy.


Loukas Avramidis, full-stack web developer.
Loukas works intensively with both the server and the client side of our applications. He is in charge of refactoring and improving the quality of our system while also paying attention to the UI/UX design.

Dimitrios Zacharatos

Dimitrios-Zacharatos, quantitative methodologist.
Dimitrios studied cognitive science, research methodology, and participated on courses in psychology. He is a qualified psychologist, and his main focus is on quantitative methods and statistical modelling. In the past he worked on mainstream packages such as SPSS, LISREL and he lately expands his experience with programming on open source statistical packages.


Ioannis Belegrinis, report & web interface designer, S/W developer. Although Ioannis has his own design company, Atomic Orange, his minimalistic tastes are a perfect fit for our own. We always love a crystal clear design that allows people to focus on the message, not the design itself. Ioannis understands that and can deliver wonders.