Our Technology

If you are looking for a technical partner to get your test and admin system off the ground, here’s what you need to know about our technology.

Secure – your clients’ testing environment and data is in our hands so we take an ‘almost paranoid’ approach to security. Yes, we are ISO 27001 certified.

Easy on the pocket – we use open source technology so that you get the most possible testing for your money. If you’re not sure how many tests you’ll sell, we can create a low risk payment plan for you too.

User friendly systems for friendly users – we believe online technology should be completely intuitive – whether you are administering or sitting a test. We’ve worked hard to make sure that you never have to think when you use our technology.

Have it your way – our systems are designed with flexibility in mind. So you can be sure that the technology will be built around your test, not vice versa.

Take on the masses – performance is optimum whether 1 or 100 people complete your test at the exact same moment.

Go global – our systems are built with multiple languages in mind – even the really strange ones.