About Us

Psycholate was set up in 2006 to support the growing market for psychometric test and questionnaire publishing. Our core skills are business psychology and online technology.

Our mission is to enable test publishers to web enable and scale their tests with a system which is simple, yet sophisticated and robust. Most technology companies adapted existing survey technology for psychometrics. As experienced psychometricians, we knew that test publishers needed a much more tailored solution which factored in:

  • The high stakes nature of many of these tests
  • The fact that most tests are completed in the work environment
  • The need for ‘totally obvious interaction’ (TOI) for the user
  • The flexibility required to incorporate a wide range of scales
  • Our clients’ desire for fantastic, interactive reporting

About the business

We’re based in Greece, but we work all over the world. Our business is part of an 60 employee hi-tech incubator company (Virtual Trip Group S.A.). That means we have financial and administrative back up that helps us punch above our weight, and keep us cost effective.