How to Work With Us

Here are some of the ways we can work with you to make web testing technology accessible and affordable.

Web enabling your questionnaire

If you’ve designed a test or psychometric, we can help you scale the test by:

  • Web enabling the questionnaire
  • Customising individual reports so you can provide feedback to candidates
  • Creating group reporting to enable you to slice and dice the data any way you want

Building your perfect 360° feedback system

Feedback is an essential part of our development at work. Our technology is specifically designed to bring together manager, peer and self feedback in the clearest, simplest way possible:

  • Outstanding development focused reporting – totally customisable, always visual
  • Totally configurable system – choose the email text, the rater categories, the reminder timings, the questions
  • Simple access process, ensuring that feedback is easy and painless to complete

Surveying your employees

In large (or even not so large) organisations, gathering opinion is vital to successful delivery of strategy. We make employee surveying simple, robust and anonymous – and we produce a range of automated reports for different stakeholders including HR, the leadership team and the rest of the business.

Creating a candidate management system for recruitment

If you have more than 20 vacancies open at any one point in time, a candidate management system will dramatically reduce administration and improve the quality of your hiring process.

Work with us to create your dream system. How about…

  • All online tests from a variety of sources handled together and results integrated into one complete candidate profile
  • Shortlisting – completely automated
  • Easy candidate communication via email to keep them up to date with where they are on the process – don’t let the fish get away!
  • Feedback provided automatically to the candidate online